The Embraer Foundation along with Embraer Executive Jets presented an Art for Education auction at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) customer reception. It is incredible to see a talented artist create a unique piece right in front of your eyes to support the education of low-income students in the Embraer high schools in Brazil.

About the artist:

Joulia Vitaliy began my systematic education in art at the age of 11, in a Russian traditional art school. She had great teachers in the most respectable art colleges in St. Petersburg, Russia, and acquired skills in many media and techniques. Her paintings can be found in a private collections in Europe and United States.
Art is the greatest illusion ever known. Any form of art expands our reality to infinity. It is up to us how far we dare to go, and to which degree we are able to connect. Painting is Joulia’s language of an illusion. Her paintings always have many layers of meanings. Her personages tottering on the brink of illusion and reality, fantasy and grotesque, irony and drama. The boundary line dividing these two extremes is always tenuous, and you never know which side you are likely to slide off.  Art is not only about a story – its about passion, love, and enjoyment of life. Words are seductive, but they flatten out the precise dimensions, the merely visual demands of the art.