The Embraer Foundation presented an Art for Education auction at the Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) customer reception. This time there were 2 artists creating a masterpiece. It is inspiring to see talented artists create unique pieces right in front of your eyes to support the education of low-income students in the Embraer High Schools in Brazil. In addition, during the student day at the air show, local UK students had the opportunity to open a hand written letter from some of the low-income students attending the Embraer High Schools. The students at the FIA Embraer booth also had the chance to write back the student who’s letter they read. Embraer Foundation’s goal was to expand the horizons of students from around the world and connect the future leaders of tomorrow. 

About the Artists:

Blair Zaye is an artist/curator originally from New Zealand who is pushing the boundaries between consciousness, neofuturism, esoteric knowledge, spiritualism, mysticism and quantum celestialism through paintings, drawings, video, performance and installation. He has extensively exhibited all over the world from London and the UK to the US, Germany, Russia and New Zealand.

Joanna Gilbert uses spray paint, mixed media and installation to express what she terms ‘urban emotion’ – a reflective internalization of emotions communicated with a relation to hyperconsumerism.Colourful, vibrant abstract and conceptual works are created in a calculated yet spontaneous process. This blend of controlled and uncontrolled is translated as an intuitive response, represented on various substrates in an energetic and exciting manner.